Sunday, March 20, 2011

after 17 years

I've got to contact my favourite primary school English teacher! She's in Penang. Well she is from Penang. (according to the address-she's staying nearby dude's house). She's inspired me to be who I am today - a lecturer. An English lecturer. She was at her best in teaching, I bet she still is. I felt in love with English and teaching since she taught me back in 1994. Still remember went to her house with other friends every evening to learn English better. What I like about her teaching is she instilled FUN in every lesson. Every exercise comes with games and prizes. She is also the one who taught me the cursive handwriting that I influence my handwriting now. She always wrote some remark on my exercise book - motivation sayings etc. And yes I still keep the book until now. Every page reminds me those days how I was falling in love with English. and to my every interview I had attended I mentioned about her as my inspiration-without fail. She also trained me to be a good storyteller. I participated in many storytelling competitions back then. and that also a very good practice for me to be better in learning English. Too bad I don't have a picture of her. Dear Miss Selina, you are the best teacher indeed and thanks for inspiring me to become one.

"Yes 17 years. I know hv grown with the years. Just you keeping in touch all these years is the best gift 4 this teacher. Love you dear. Wouldn't b who I am without you. teaching about sharing knowledge and learning from one another. Glad inspired u. may u inspire sum1 too:) "

She texted me just now:)
I believe this is the best part becoming a teacher.

spot me!

don't spot me!

and yes, Miss Selina will be coming to my wed in Penang! Can't wait!

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