Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update! Update!

Nov will soon be gone! Tgk checklist, byk jugak yg da gerak. Mari CIO! (check it out!) hehe.

1. Attire bridesmaid - suda beli chiffon hot pink!
2. Doorgift VIP - Found cookie jar! what a accomplishment! Ibu suke, aku suke, semue suke! da order blom amek
3. Doorgift Orang ramai - sudah siap prototype, will proceed! suke gile yg ni! hehe
4. Doorgift kids - Proposal diterima, brg2 akan dibeli 1week before 9 april5. Catering - masih sedang begadoh. heh! i mean, berbincang
6. Canopy - Pakcu! setel discuss and approved mcmane yg aku nak=)
7. Invitation card - In progress, 1st sketch done - proceed to kedai
8. Other entertainment - Live band mamat handle, bdk menari blom confirm (RM500 ye menari)9. Rozet - Family punye in progress, penanggah done!
10. Family attire - women done, men not done11. Katil - booked! deposit next
12. Langsir rumah - bought, blom jahit
13. Langsir bilik - in progress

*EXHALE* alhamdulilah, dpt setel kan few things and more things to come. Mari nak share doorgift saye. Mule2 nak bg purse fancy2 tuh. Ibu da beli 500pieces without me knowing it! hehe.. tp ok purse tu the thing is, xsesuai nk bg kt smue org. Those men cmne kan? Pikir2, browse2, lompat blog sane sini, we decided to give cookies! which i think it's cute! haha.. org leh makan2, kunyah2.. bia dieorg gemok. hah tak2. Its not ordinary cookies, it will be homemade cookies which will be prepared by Ibu herself=) will do this kat bakery my sis in law. Done with that, I'm moving on with the packaging! the fun part kan? Being me, I want to DIY the packaging! google merata2 and manage to come out with this:

riben pjg - serabai!

riben pendek - comel!

Ramai da tgk cth goodie bag cmni kan? i just love the idea using those brown paper bag! it looks hideous kan without anything? doily paper + ribbon, enuf to make this thing pretty=) I combined pink and orange, so I bought 40 orange ribbons and 40 pink to make for 1000 paper bags! and it's only for RM86! cookie will be put inside covered by plastic. tkot bminyak nnt paper bag hodoh. As for VIP later i'll update together with the info! wah info!

Brown Paperbags - SIL orderkan straight from the kilang for rm0.27 sen each! 1000 = rm27 shaja! sape2 nak boleh place order to me atau pon peg megamas blkg sg.buloh. ala xsure plak ape name kilangnye. next entry ye!

Gtg, more ribbons to be cut!

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  1. wow,sgt murah la awk..sue beli 400pcs jer,hbs la RM12.80..hehe..
    best la blh letak cookies,kita tak sempat nak buat,tgh2 busy blaja nih..owhh akak ada bakery yea?blh tempah cookies nih,ehehe..
    salam kenal yea dr sue..kita sebumbung,from uitm.