Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Preparation!

I never like orange. NEVER. I used to like lime green so much! It was like everything must be in that color which I later I found it looks weird on certain things. Then I like pink. It is like a typical color that every girl must like (they said). But not all pink is nice. For my wedding, I have decided to choose Fuchsia pink and orange with a little bit off white combination and little green. These days I like bright shocking color probably because the career I have now, a lecturer. Well, we yell, shout, preach and talk all the time! Hehe! So yes, that pink and orange will be the color.
So yesterday my Ibu and I with the help of her assistant, k.ana went to buy curtain for the room. First I decided to paint in pale pink but then it is canceled so we stick with the white wall. Ibu bought a white cadar and I compliment it with pink+orange organza curtain with the white day curtain. 1 curtain for pintu toilet and 1 for pintu bilik. K.ana asked me to bought these big orange flowers to tie up the curtain. I think the flowers are not so beautiful but we'll see when the curtain is reaady to hang. Then we bought kain for mini dais for my solemnization. Damask purple and I plan to hang bunga melur, which can be found tepi jln, Indians like to sell them. Why purple? my baju pengantin is white with purple beaded and Dude's sampin is also purple. Oh, let me introduced our very renowned tukang jahit, ABAH! He's so talented in sewing all sorts of langsir. Since I want it to be simple so Abah has no prob to jahit the curtain. Thanks abah! mmmuah!

The Kains:
Bed sheet

For nikah mini dais

curtain 1

curtain 1+2+3

Yes it's bright! huhu. I'm kinda nervous, not sure if it's gonna look WOW or HUH? abah cepat la jahit. I can't wait!

Next, will hunt for pelamin materials and bedroom set=)

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